The Christmas Story House

Everything is interactive! The Christmas Story House Museum is one of the most delightful winter destinations I have ever been to.

This museum is located in Cleveland, Ohio

Want to pull the leg lamp from the box? You can!

Want to hide under the sink like Randy?

You can do that too!

If you're like me you can also go across to the gift shop and buy the Ralphie bunny suit. It makes the pictures that much more enjoyable.

You can even opt to stay in Ralphie's room overnight, but you have to book it months in advance, as the reservations fill up quickly.

This is a great holiday tradition, and you can almost always count on snow-white winter along the Great Lakes. This is a great affordable vacation for families, as hotel prices in the winter tend to be very low there. You've seen the movie, now go and see the museum!

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