New Years' Eve in London

Reasons why you shouldn't miss out on New Years Even in London. The spirit and ambiance are just unparalleled. While Americans are packing themselves into Times Square for what usually amounts to a miserable New Years' party, Londoners make their way down to the Thames river to watch the fireworks show over Parliament.

You do not actually have to crowd yourself into the central square, you can see the show for miles downriver. When the clocktower strikes midnight and the Big Ben bell chimes, the town erupts in song with Auld Lang Syne and toasts to the new year.

Make sure to bundle up because it can get quite cold down on the river. Though unlike most New Years Parties, this one is easy to escape from when it's over. The mass transit system is excellent, and there are plenty of accommodations within walking distance in every direction of the river. It remains to this day one of my favorite places to bring in the New Year.

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